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Bowie General > BLA5 - Sold out in under 30 minutes??

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AllanmPosted at 2021-04-04 11:42:57(1 wk ago) (Bowie General / BLA5 - Sold out in under 30 minutes??)

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Porrohman wrote:

I have been on Qobuz and found that some BLA albums are now available to download in cd quality.  Ouvrez Le Chien £15.49, No Trendy Réchauffé £16.99.To check I added them to my 'basket' and they appeared there.I suppose the rest will appear at some point.

3 are available at Juno Download for £10.83 each in CD quality

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neilwilkesPosted at 2021-04-06 09:51:18(1 wk ago) (Bowie General / BLA5 - Sold out in under 30 minutes??)

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[quote=bowiebingo] Maybe time to get real.IMHO, 6k on CD and 4k on Emperor's old clothes sounds pretty decent from here.  We're talking about a dead artist who, from a marketing point of view, had been pretty moribund since 1983.  Sure his return and then death created quite a kerfuffle, but won't have engendered any new fans to any significant extent.  A significant number fewer are still around every year...And then the content - a box of live albums from three tours that appealed plenty to the afficianados, but alienated passing fans.  It's a nice touch, therefore, to reward those of us who've stuck with the man this far, but how many of us are there?  Parlophone clearly weren't sure, as it's apparent from stock still on sale long after that the last two RSD discs didn't sell as well as expected.Anyone remember the textbook marketing of Wispa when it was launched?  Huge advertising, celebrity endorsements, but then way too little stock sent out to the shops (for a pre-Christmas launch).  Why?  To create bulging order books that could then be shown around to any doubting Thomases to emphasise that it's really really popular (when all that was really happening was trying to address the hype).So the initial launch of a fairly low-key series, got huge publicity for a) selling a cardboard box for twelve quid and b) not making enough availability.  Caught your attention?  Good.  Want to buy one now?  Great.  Some of us have long enough memories (i.e. six months) that recall endless bitching and whinging from members here, who are now bemoaning that they haven't managed to get hold of every disc or the box.  Thought you weren't interested in the first place!!So now Parlophone have created demand, and also have a better idea of how many they're likely to sell (which is signficantly more than if they'd just launched it gently).  It's a marketing team doing its job well - generating interest and demand to sell more product, and what's more, to a clearly declining market.Don't like it?  Vote with your feet and don't buy the bloody thing - and particularly stop whinging if you didn't want it in the first place and are now just feeling a teeny bit left out.  Happy with it - fantastic: celebrate some new Bowie product, which is all we wanted all along.I'm well happy with five new CDs (OK, I didn't need another liveandwell.com).  I was irritated by having to keep hitting refresh for the last two releases, but I also accept that it was some professionals doing their job as well as they could.  Well done Parlophone - you've generated interest and demand where virtually none existed! [/quote]

Sorry to disagree with your extensive post, but for me the problem is the whole way this was handled.
Parlophone flat out lied to the fans - period. If there really are so few of us left, then why are they deliberately pissing off the loyal fans who believed the lies about 'Strictly one run only' and a lot of folks paid well over the odds to get their collections completed.
Turning right around and saying 'we will just press up some more' is a SERIOUS kick in the teeth to those fans who believed the lies.
I also disagree about the figures as 6,000/4,000 is piss all in terms of numbers. Bear in mind please that only 2 of these releases were previously released (Liveandwell.com & Something In the Air), and 2 of them had never even been bootlegged. What Parlophone should have done was still press only 6,000/4,000 with the intent to press more if the demand was there.
Flat out lying to fans is inexcusable. Once trust is lost it will never be replaced.

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