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Chit Chat Lounge > new boots that are exeptional?

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MoonyPosted at 2021-11-23 18:51:10(9 wks ago) (Chit Chat Lounge / new boots that are exeptional?)

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homebrew wrote:

Stranger09 wrote:

There's always one...but I'd say be careful of just focusing on soundboard / FM recordings.I do do that myself largely, but sometimes there can be great audience captures, or even 'very good' (perception will vary widely of course) quality audience recordings that capture a band's performances waaaay better than any FM / MX recording from that tour. Band performances vary from night to night and within a night, and Bowie and his bands are not an exception to that.I focus on the description and samples before downloading, and will try downloading a bit or maybe the whole concert if there are no samples. It takes a little more time, but with artists I care about, it can be infinitely more rewarding.

This is true. I didn't mean to imply that I dismiss all audience recordings. There are some that I will grab without even listening to them such as anything recorded by Mike Millard, Joe Maloney, John Wizardo masters can be worth looking for as are the JEMS recordings (many of which are Mike Millard tapes).Some of my favorites, AUD and SBD, by era include:Ziggy Goes to East - 1973-04-11Suicide Attack - 1973-04-20Boston Music Hall (Joe Maloney) - 1974-7-16Strange Fascination or A Portrait in Flesh - 1975-09-05 Anaheim California (Mike Millard) - 1974-09-16 (original master lost tape)Vancouver Rehearsals - 1976-02-02Nassau Colosseum - 1976-03-23The Forum, Inglewood Ca - 1978-04-04 (Mike Millard Lost and Found JEMS)Baton Rouge - 1978-11-04Totally Serious, Montreal - 1983-07-13Yokohama Japan - 1983-10-25 (SBD)Milton Keynes - 1990-08-05 (pre FM)Rock in Rio - 1990-09-20Dallas '95 - 1995-10-13 (this was released officially in the Brilliant Live Adventures box set)Loreley - 1996-06-22Birthday Bash - 1997-01-09Elysee Montmartre - 1999-10-14Montreaux Jazz Festival - 2002-07-18Paris - 2002-09-25 (SBD)Shrine Auditorium - 2004-02-02

thank you.. i own most of them.. but its an amazing list

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