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Request for upload/Reseed/ISO > ISO: Best Quality Rips of Certain Video Performances

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libertine90DonatedPosted at 2022-10-05 16:07:33(89 wks ago) (Request for upload/Reseed/ISO / ISO: Best Quality Rips of Certain Video Performances)

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Hello all! Sorry I’ve not been overly active here for a while (but I’ve still been around.) So I’m trying to embark on a new mega Bowie video project but I need some help in acquiring the best possible quality rips/transfers for certain videos. Please help out if you have them or point me in the right direction of which torrent these might be a part of on this site. Thanks!


1. Changes - Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture 1983 promo edit. Is this available anywhere in higher quality but *without* station logos and artist/song title text obscuring most of it?

2. Round and Round - outtake from ZSMP. I know this is going to be hard to find in suitable quality (though I’m definitely planning to re-dub the audio with Robin Mayhew’s soundboard upload) but is there any other source for the video which might be in substantially better quality than what I’ve seen so far on YouTube?

3. Amsterdam - live 1972 - does there exist any sort of video footage that lasts more than the very short Dunstable excerpt? Like for most of the song?

4. Stay - Dinah! 1976 - again just needing the absolute highest quality transfer of this I can find, please

Hope this isn’t asking for too much, but definitely hope someone out there can help. Thank you in advance! xxtyler

Last edited by libertine90 on 2022-10-05 16:33:52

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