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johntheguvDonatedPosted at 2017-01-14 11:41:10(370 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 15.66 GB
Downloaded: 72.31 GB
Posts: 11

Ratio: 0.22
Location: Ireland

Hello fellow Stationers - I feel I must apologise to all the members here for not contributing enough on the site - there's various personal reasons for this but still not really good enough.  As you may or may or not see I have downloaded in excess of 32GB whilst uploading only 2.0GB.  I intend to improve my sharing ratio so in the next few days I'll compile a list of bootlegs that I own and post them up here.  Maybe some will be of interest, maybe not.  If there are any that people would like I'll try to upload them.  I also have a few bits and bobs from the Dublin Bowie Festival that might interest some of you.

I've always loved this site and its earlier entity as Mindwarp Pavillion - I only hope that Bewlay is now with his brother strung out in heavens high and that they are having a ball discussing the music and life and times of David Robert Jones.

I'm still devastated and feeling a sad terrible loss.  :-(

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wishupon1Posted at 2017-01-14 11:48:55(370 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 2.88 TB
Downloaded: 2.10 TB
Posts: 80

Ratio: 1.37
Location: Austria

I´m looking forward to your bootleg list. :-)

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MossGardenPosted at 2017-01-14 11:56:29(370 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 62.20 GB
Downloaded: 120.16 GB
Posts: 221

Ratio: 0.52
Location: Denmark

Hi johntheguv

It is always great to seeed what you downloaded, it's a slow way of getting the ratio up, but it helps everyone else who needs what you got.
You can look in the torrent search to see if what you got is new or a different version to what is already here. There is no point to have multiply copies of the exact same release, it's better to have one that gets all the seeds.

Being here sharing the Bowie love helps  :D

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stuartreedPosted at 2017-01-14 12:23:10(370 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 623.38 GB
Downloaded: 311.69 GB
Posts: 106

Ratio: 2.00
Location: United Kingdom

fair play to ya

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johntheguvDonatedPosted at 2017-03-07 11:29:51(363 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 15.66 GB
Downloaded: 72.31 GB
Posts: 11

Ratio: 0.22
Location: Ireland

So as you can see I'm very slow - work commitments and family commitments - but here is my list of boots - if there is anything of interest I'll upload (may need a bit of coaching, it's been a while) - PLEASE MODERATORS *** I realise there may be some issues with tracks that have now been released officially - if there is any doubt or any chance that I shouldn't upload please tell me - these are all FLAC downloads converted to CDr's so the quality may not be 100% - something may be of interest to somebody - maybe not ...

I suppose like all of you here I'm just sitting and waiting for someone to be made curator of his previous vast archived material instead of the rehash rereleased music company fast buck material ... or maybe we expect too much and should just be contented with what he has given us ... either way I feel a sense of sadness and loss ...

Aylesbury Friars Club 1971
The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones
Naked & Wired
Va Va Voom
You’ve Got  to Have a Job
The Axeman Cometh
The Rise and Rise of Ziggy Stardust Vol I,II,III,IV
The Year of the Spiders
His Masters Voice
Vintage Bowie
Absolutely Rare
Bowie’s Back
Transmission Musikladen ‘78
The Mainman and the Mainline
FromStationtoStation Vol I
FromStationtoStation Vol II
Fresh From Divorce
The Duke & the Hawk
Live at the Bowl ‘83
Overture & Beginners
A Rebel Live at the Bowl
En Concert Exceptionnel
Childs Hours Live
Chilli Pepper ‘97
Falling Up Through the Years
A L’Olympia
Naked Eyes
Pinups 4
Area 2 Toronto
On Air
50 Dead Dogs
Almost  Acoustic LA Dec’ 97
Toys from the Attic
Outside Mix
Something Really Fishy
New York Rehearsals DAV001/002
From a Phoenix the Ashes Shall Rise
The Earthling Chronicles
Earthling TV
Le Zenith 2002
Instant Star

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paperdragonPosted at 2017-03-07 12:06:05(363 wks ago) (Banned Torrents / Apologies to All)

Uploaded: 3.03 TB
Downloaded: 4.86 TB
Posts: 557

Ratio: 0.62
Location: Turkey

Nice list, though I suspect many are already here. It might be best to look at the venues and dates and then search them to see if they're already on the tracker. If not, up they go! Believe me, every single torrent is appreciated.

...and then my mind split open.
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