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doctordavrosPosted at 2017-03-20 00:26:38(314 wks ago) (Technical Help / FFP and MD5 Files)

Uploaded: 2.12 TB
Downloaded: 1.55 TB
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Ratio: 1.37
Location: United Kingdom

Im trying to upload a torrent i have upload some before with no problems but this time it keeps saying my ffp and md5 file are not correct below are the files im trying to load

ffp file

01. OPENING 2001 THEME-SPACE ODDITY..flac:207c8a4ad14cf887434766184b4e26a1
02. JEAN GENIE..flac:7d4aab338aefd00bd29988cc148e8188
03. ZIGGY STARDUST..flac:e1484836cd74e4dfb3708783d331c19c
04. SUFFRAGETE CITY..flac:029c2271d6d96adeaeaa1fcb2e5713a7
05. MOONAGE DAYDREAM..flac:a7434dfe512b9aa9361f487ee222bcf3
06. LIFE ON MARS..flac:fb38bc479403d34aa74798db82f50203
07. THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD..flac:78adb2b46fc9855872a70ad6b8a459e8
08  CHANGES..flac:15f457a87ef723cfcf09ee17e5246a1b
09. ALL THE YOUNG DUDES..flac:e2670c24df552ad1bec4b272f39617cd
10. STARMAN..flac:b95e9f98400dd1a4c6c6c95008098580
11. STATION TO STATION..flac:fe764ef4f3ec60957c246d8463fe05aa
12. STAY..flac:6c3ab54460d6b0e019ece66e54c30f07
13. FAME..flac:9602f5cd80533e9576b0a7164700b45b
14. CHINA GIRL..flac:1f8ae8456091bc5d42fc554c354305f5
15. ASHES TO ASHES..flac:3e8af8f5390641412c35c586ca9dc700
16. FASHION..flac:214df27668a712b6c9755fe06345c7b2
17. LETS DANCE..flac:56dae830814ea8f9268e465ea8e101fa
18, REBEL REBEL.flac:976fc00a2b0e6448582ff3f954621163
19. HEROES-BAND INTROS..flac:0c7ad88ccbfd34d174871741c4dc03b5

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

my md5 file id as follows

e9f4463cf7f727c1ccfd264b7b1e840d *Back Cover.jpg
16b7a9a21b71146f0951e81b6ae25718 *DAVROS254  Info File.txt
b26484cc0799d5ac1e0ef3b69dd06182 *DAVROS254 .ffp Info Files.txt
aa93b0eeead90b2a9c5fb3f4c9e09f71 *Front Cover.jpg
0a62e054178c7b52bef5bf28defbb5ee *OLY-ME51S.jpg
1ad07345220649ae70e456a3bcdeb1e4 *Sony MZ-NH1 Mini Disc.jpg
35084178933b1c0dad5ef7e4f4b73183 *Ticket..jpg
8e39f6eabf54f420a735f90b28c640ff *Audio Tracks1. OPENING 2001 THEME-SPACE ODDITY.flac
287cfdadf5127aa4ba82e98fcf13b31d *Audio Tracks2. JEAN GENIE.flac
a45ce51865a6a0e6d75a0ac505565e29 *Audio Tracks3. ZIGGY STARDUST.flac
bad940d619cc31a8f0682d3fa4c93e8f *Audio Tracks4. SUFFRAGETE CITY.flac
007a7a544a233ae280dbe72018786168 *Audio Tracks5. MOONAGE DAYDREAM.flac
06d0d4ff01dd7b16eae2da56770190b3 *Audio Tracks6. LIFE ON MARS.flac
6766239113cfb1673d4ad243cd49c299 *Audio Tracks7. THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD.flac
93ec9049381e467cb5e3e1bfa7111924 *Audio Tracks8  CHANGES.flac
a92a1e1304c67ed43513897ab38a35a6 *Audio Tracks9. ALL THE YOUNG DUDES.flac
94c3304220b25700cfe79f2056a9d7aa *Audio Tracks10. STARMAN.flac
6546e1835f5cf84e785f4b66a38d973a *Audio Tracks11. STATION TO STATION.flac
a1aa236831a2eb9c3783484cd177a1b1 *Audio Tracks12. STAY.flac
0f9810c429c778c1299eeff97bc80c03 *Audio Tracks13. FAME.flac
d8b8c4e27560cc75ac0b7497c393e313 *Audio Tracks14. CHINA GIRL.flac
aaffab36e095dc99a078fc29cfb924d4 *Audio Tracks15. ASHES TO ASHES.flac
c6f53da315f34d9bb5cb8b20f7de50a6 *Audio Tracks16. FASHION.flac
fc52d12e1f961a6d1c31230716122fff *Audio Tracks17. LETS DANCE.flac
7edec43cac2b8bd7496f2310aa7e702a *Audio Tracks18, REBEL REBEL.flac
ac4e018e4e06ba21931108d504ef3721 *Audio Tracks19. HEROES-BAND INTROS.flac
01fd9d102e38349a4ffe053720773851 *Audio TracksAudio Tracks.ffp
61d48c5fe900569cae3da9b165a93bb9 *DVDDVD md5 Info Files.txt
61d48c5fe900569cae3da9b165a93bb9 *DVDDVD md5.md5
64b8de15787e37e9e002ba94cdcbaf85 *DVDG-SPOT INFO.jpg
b335baa88ebace4ca061c08a90860b40 *DVDvid 1.jpg
169259a3d9c0a51cf61c973e3a4691c4 *DVDvid 2.png
02517223b928641b168712d12967a3c7 *DVDVIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.BUP
02517223b928641b168712d12967a3c7 *DVDVIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.IFO
3168634e0f4feb562642c1b4f7b249c4 *DVDVIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.BUP
3168634e0f4feb562642c1b4f7b249c4 *DVDVIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO
ce537baf3800bc8c8536fa20a9513471 *DVDVIDEO_TSVTS_01_1.VOB
96cc3c874595b0f74d084b3dfb561fe7 *DVDVIDEO_TSVTS_01_2.VOB
709a407d1f5395d0ac661ba697968af9 *DVDVIDEO_TSVTS_01_3.VOB
a8b45365ef9a5a7c07c52bb71d61c8ba *Picturesabsolutebowie.jpg
4d6cd66b7fa04209558c2824c548e7a0 *PicturesPoster.jpg
aa565d524f51eda99af12447d690f3a1 *PicturesStarman 2.jpg
4cec94e788a776fa8b4b106fab891797 *PicturesStarman.jpg

can anyone help me

Thanks Dave

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paperdragonPosted at 2017-03-20 02:34:44(314 wks ago) (Technical Help / FFP and MD5 Files)

Uploaded: 3.03 TB
Downloaded: 4.83 TB
Posts: 544

Ratio: 0.63
Location: Turkey

Remake the .torrent file, and include only the .ffp. See if it works without the md5. If you want, you can cut/paste the md5 into a plain text file and name it md5.txt.

...and then my mind split open.
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DavesolarDonatedPosted at 2017-03-20 12:08:24(314 wks ago) (Technical Help / FFP and MD5 Files)

Uploaded: 795.64 GB
Downloaded: 400.25 GB
Posts: 262

Ratio: 1.99
Location: Germany

Look at the chapter "Upload Torrent", it says for :

Please include a FFP file for audio torrents

Please include a MD5 file for video torrents

The solution may be to separate the audio and video-files and make ffp for audio only, and md5 for video.

At TTD You can work like You did, both audio and video in md5, I think that will not work here.

May be ???

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neilwilkesPosted at 2017-03-22 11:06:50(313 wks ago) (Technical Help / FFP and MD5 Files)

Uploaded: 760.28 GB
Downloaded: 592.51 GB
Posts: 628

Ratio: 1.28
Location: United Kingdom

I use Traders Little Helper for this stuff - it will create both the FFP and MD5 files.
A checksum (MD5) will be wrong if anything has been changed - some MD5 include audio & art/text/log files and if these have been moved or deleted the check will fail.
From your post above it seems that there are a lot of missing art & DVD files and this will cause the MD5 to fail validation if it was made in one hit from the entire folder.

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