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spyprettygirlPosted at 2017-11-27 17:15:23(326 wks ago) (Technical Help / Gifting you White Light White Heat)
Can'tForgetYou, Can'tForgetYou

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1) hi, I'm really techinally inept.  I just learned what an FFP file is, for instance.

2) I still don't know how to make one.

3) I wonder if any of you gents would like to torrent and share this baby.

4) Let me know of any interest.  I can upload to my mediafire account and share the link to whichever of you can torrent it properly....

here's the White Light info.txt file

A Little Bowie You Might Like.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would know I bought a little vinyl just recently. While I usually let the new vinyl boots come and go without buying them, this release was a little different, and it was for that reason I decided it was worthwhile. You see, most of the new vinyl bootlegs being produced these days are created from material originally torrented online, and that would then make them "2nd gen".

But this one is different... well, at least partly different. While I haven't fully examined the DVD, the start of the Dallas Convention Centre concert was certainly VHS sourced, and looks very much like the last upgrade torrented here. The big draw, however was the audio, and you all know that I'm talking about... the supposedly "Soundboard" Earls Court recording.

In addition, we have a really nice recording of "Baton Rouge", I don't remember "Baton Rouge" being this good, but after digging it out, I think it may be (at least) the same source as the one we've always had. Still a great listen, and a bonus for any of you that haven't heard the "Baton Rouge" CDR release, but I'm convinced it's not new. ;)

So, down to the Box set... It's a really beautiful release titled "White Light".

It arrived sealed, and in my haste I forgot to take a photo of it still shrinkwrapped, before I carefully separated the shrinkwrap at the right hand join, slipped it off the box and carefully folded it in 4, ready for placement at the bottom of the box after removal of the contents. :lol:

The box is stunning. Heavy solid cardboard covered with glossy shiny pictures, the only blemish (if you can call it that) being the sticker with contents details and the numbering having been stuck at the top left, but where else would you put it? Certainly not on the shrinkwrap. ;) Taking the lid off the box reveals the contents of 2 CDs a DVD and the 4 coloured vinyl LPs. The 2 CDs and the DVD are in plastic covers stuck to the underside of the top. It probably would have been a little better if they had've used protective sleeves which didn't have splits in the sides or bottoms, and I'm certain that didn't happen in transit,,, because... the 4 LPs were in poly-lined paper sleeves which didn't suffer any seam splitting. Records 1, 2, and 3 are a transparent red, while Record 4 is a transparent green. These were immediately removed and transferred to plastic "half-moon" sleeves to protect the originals. To top it off, also included was a large heavy-duty plastic sleeve just the right size for the box to be slipped into for future protection.

The LPs look nice, but only contain the audio from the CDs, so there is no need for a vinyl transfer, not that I even have the time to do that at this time, so I've taken the "cheap" option, and torrented only the two CDs and the DVD. ;)

On with the program, then:

CD 1:

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
11th April 1978

1. Warszawa
2. Heroes
3. What In The World
4. Be My Wife
5. The Jean Genie
6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Speed Of Life
9. Breaking Glass
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Fame
12. Five Years
13. Soul Love
14. Star
15. Hang On To Yourself
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Suffragette City
18. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
19. Art Decade

CD 2:

1. Station To Station
2. Stay
3. TVC15
4. Rebel Rebel

Earl's Court, London
1st July 1978

5. Warszawa
6. Heroes
7. What In The World
8. Be My Wife
9. The Jean Genie
10. Blackout
11. Sense Of Doubt
12. Speed Of Life
13. Sound and Vision
14. Breaking Glass
15. Fame
16. Beauty And The Beast

Dallas Convention Centre, Dallas, Tx, USA
April 10th, 1978.

1. What In The World
2. Blackout
3. Sense Of Doubt
4. Speed Of Life
5. Hang On To Yourself
6. Ziggy Stardust

Nippon Budokan,Tokyo Japan,
December 12th, 1978.

1. Warszawa
2. Heroes
3. Fame
4. Beauty And The Beast
5. Five Years
6. Soul Love
7. Star
8. Hang On To Yourself
9. Ziggy Stardust
10. Suffragette City
11. Station To Station
12. TVC 15

As you guessed, it's impossible to provide scans of the full set, so I've provided scans of the CDs and DVD, and taken photos of the rest. Somebody will need to edit my scans for the disks, and maybe somebody could produce nice covers from the photos I've included. :)

So, depending upon which hemisphere you live, welcome to either Winter or Summer. :lol:

Whichever the case may be... enjoy. :-)

Uploaded to Mind-Warp PaVilion by GoblinKing 1st June 2013.

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SteveboyDonatedPosted at 2017-11-27 18:55:21(326 wks ago) (Technical Help / Gifting you White Light White Heat)

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This is a great set but all content is already on the site.......

Baton Rouge

Earls Court

Dallas DVD

Tokyo DVD


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spyprettygirlPosted at 2017-11-27 19:42:03(326 wks ago) (Technical Help / Gifting you White Light White Heat)
Can'tForgetYou, Can'tForgetYou

Uploaded: 96.29 GB
Downloaded: 81.93 GB
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Location: United States of America

ok great, thanks for checking that!!!

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PortlandbillPosted at 2017-11-28 12:20:04(326 wks ago) (Technical Help / Gifting you White Light White Heat)

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Location: United Kingdom


I admire your enthusiasm it's a breath of fresh air. Try and research through the search or discography sections then you might save yourself some time.

On a personal level, if you ever get the opportunity to do hi res vinyl rips I would love a copy of each.

Regards and good luck.

Last edited by Portlandbill on 2017-11-28 12:26:19

I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.
I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on.
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