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Announcements > New server and downtime in the past

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JanErikPosted at 2015-11-21 14:28:58(253 wks ago) (Announcements / New server and downtime in the past)

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We have been on a free server until now provided by a generous user, Paperdragon. He has a website on a server and gave us the extra space to use for Bowie Station for free. That has worked fine until the recent weeks where we have had more downtime than uptime. It all started with the old webhost changing their payment system and PD was not able to make payments. Before being able to pay, the site was taken offline. Some days later they restored the site from a week old backup. A few days later the site went offline again, and since then PD hasn't received any response to his support requests. When it first came back the database was corrupt. I managed to fix most of the database errors, but the torrents table was lost, that is all the torrents were gone. I restored the torrents from a 6 week old backup, who was missing about 60 torrents. I then manually re-uploaded those torrents. After that the site was more offline than online. In the last days the site has actually been working, but totally overloaded with a load of 100-150 the few times I managed to get into the control panel. The new server has a load of 0.01 right now. It might have been a DDOS attack, but I'm not sure.

We are now running on a new server, and this one is not for free. For the first month a generous moderator has payed for the running costs. After that we are dependent on donations for keeping the site online.

The new server is located in Atlanta, and this is the same host as The Traders Den uses. They have been using it for many years without problems.

Now we have our own server with the advantages and dis-advantages that includes. We are now fully responsible for all software and operating system issues that might arise and the hosting company will only help out with hardware problems. The advantage are no limitations and we can configure and install what we want on the server.

The following issues will go away:
- Email problem. No more problem with confirmation emails being treated as spam or rejected.
- Better performance. Seed as many torrents you want without the site access getting slower.

A separate post will come later tonight regarding server costs and donations.

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