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badvokPosted at 2016-01-12 23:56:13(424 wks ago) (Technical Help / Transfering files)

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Was wondering what's the best way to transfer 7gig worth of files in one go?

wetransfer (free version) only does 2gig and is a very slow upload speed at my end.

Any suggestions would be great


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toneblokePosted at 2016-01-13 06:19:12(424 wks ago) (Technical Help / Transfering files)
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I like and use Wetransfer so Id break the 7GB into 4 parts.

Alternative is a private torrent.

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neilwilkesPosted at 2016-02-02 09:18:22(421 wks ago) (Technical Help / Transfering files)

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Another really useful method is to make a WinRAR archive in split parts.
Whilst WinRAR is theoretically evaluation software all that happens when your "trial" runs out is that a nag screen appears but functionality is totally unimpaired.
To do this, install winRAR (it is free) and when you create an archive, tell it to split the archive into parts. You can set the size of each part from a drop-down selector or write your own value in manually. The resulting archive will be a multi-oart RAR archive that will automatically extract back into the original with no hassle at all.

The easiest way to set this up is when you install, make sure you tick the boxes for right-click context menus, so when you then right-click on any file or folder you will see an option for winRAR, and choose the option "add to archive". The box for splitting is on the bottom left side and you set the part size (in MB by default) from there.

Please drop me a message if you need more help

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