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SnipertjePosted at 2015-06-09 19:37:49(471 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Hi all)

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Location: Netherlands

Thanks for the invitation!

I was member off MWP for some years

i collected a lot over the years, and especially dvd's

If somenone has a request, let me know :)


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KiwikidPosted at 2015-06-10 03:13:51(471 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Hi all)

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Location: New Zealand

Hi Pattrick

Welcome good to have come and join us

Bless the Tapers and Uploaders they make the Music Live
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toneblokePosted at 2015-06-10 10:32:08(471 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Hi all)
Remember me !

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Location: Australia

Welcome Pattrick. Glad you found BS.

"Look up here, I’m in heaven
I’ve got scars that can’t be seen"
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