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chrisnathouDonatedPosted at 2015-06-12 14:22:32(442 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Forever Bowie !)

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Hi, glad to surface again in this brand new beautiful place to share great Bowie stuff again

So let me introduce myself for those who don't know me...
I'm a french Bowie fan since 1981 : one day, a very charming girl recorded the 'Scary Monsters' album for me in a tape that I listened to so much that it soon disintegrated one day...

This story begins in a sad way but it was in fact the beginning of a long long happy love story that still lives today, buying at that time and collecting again and again everything about Bowie...

I began to be aware of live Bowie audio tapes around 1985 thru an announce in a french musical magazine called 'BEST' with a french guy called Frederic who had a quite very complete collection of what could be found in the circuit (at that time).
Each tape had its generation mentioned which helped choosing them as they had better quality of course...

I then found here and there bootlegs, first vinyl ones made for some of them in a very artisanal way...
Some of them I soon sold to make money to buy new ones again !
I still can't believe I did so for some of them !

Then came the cd bootlegs, I can't make out when I first got one : the first one was 'Montreal 83', a great recording to have in that quality, but the price was up to it too !
All my money was spent in that, which was not so much as I still was a student...
Yeah, it was the time you had to wait quite a while before having finally enough money to make your dreams true.

My first steps in a Bowie trackers were in Hunger City, then I found a bit later Mind Warp Pavilion, of course. I'm glad I uploaded there a lot of my stuff...

All those years some recordings I never thought that existed surfaced from the vaults thanks to great guys that shared their magical stuff...

So Big thanks again guys, and long live now to BowieStation !!!

Chris :D

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learmDonatedPosted at 2015-06-12 14:44:08(442 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Forever Bowie !)

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This is a very sympathetic and affecting story, Chrisnathou.

It's great that you are here now at bowiestation!

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MBFPosted at 2015-06-12 16:59:03(442 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Forever Bowie !)

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It sure is! Welcome Chrisnathou. I remember you for the great concerts you shared! :)

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paperdragonPosted at 2015-06-13 10:17:23(442 wks ago) (Introduce Yourself / Forever Bowie !)

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Welcome! Hope you enjoy the latest incarnation of Bowie Freaks inc.

...and then my mind split open.
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