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MossGardenPosted at 2016-08-16 15:26:23(393 wks ago) (Technical Help / Lazarus the hard disk)

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About a year ago my computers hard disk crashed.
I was arranging for a new backup, to do so I had to reuse the same disk for the backup, I erased it to make space for the new backup system. My luck was so bad that wile I was erasing the disk, my computers hard disk failed, had it been an hour before or after the new backup I would not have had any problems, but as it was I was fucked. I tried a cpl of things to get it to work, I could see it in disk utilities, but it would not mount, and using what disk utilities could did nothing, basically what was left was going to have it fixed by a specialist = big $$$, so I put it aside trying not to think of the lost files, among them lots of concerts from BowieStation and the files for almost all the covers I have done here and on MindWarp.

Fast forward to yesterday, for some reason I was thinking about some files I knew I could not get my hands on, and fell into a google hole looking for free software that might be a help to resurrect the failed disk. I tried a cpl of programs, including some that said they were free, until they had to deliver the goods that was. Then I found Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, it is free and it works, I just downloaded all my old cover files  :D  :D  :D  There have been a handful of files it could not get, but I would say it got me 99.9% of what I have tried to retrieve.

Basically it scans the disk and the you can sort the files you want and it will copy them to the disk of your choice.

I thought I would share this in case anyone else here have a half dead hard disk laying around, I wont promise that it will work, but it is worth the shot. Its for mac, I could not see one for pc.

Man am I happy to get my stuff back  ;)


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