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MainManPosted at 2019-02-01 17:52:29(69 wks ago) (Bowie General / Stardust - new biopic)

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Beast star Johnny Flynn has signed up to play David Bowie in a new biopic.

The film, which is titled Stardust, will be set in 1971 and will follow his first visit to the United States in 1971, the trip that is said to have inspired the creation of his alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

Gabriel Range will direct the film, which has been written by Christopher Bell.

Jena Malone will play Bowie's first wife Angie, while comedian Marc Maron will play his record company publicist.

The film will shoot this summer, but looks set to feature none of Bowie's music.

The singer's son Duncan Jones confirmed online that he has not been approached about the film, which would rule out the use of any of Bowie's back catalogue.


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steve23yhPosted at 2019-02-01 18:34:07(69 wks ago) (Bowie General / Stardust - new biopic)

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Fingers crossed it won't happen.

Don't blame me, I didn't do it!
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StardustpagePosted at 2019-02-02 10:10:06(69 wks ago) (Bowie General / Stardust - new biopic)

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I think this journalist needs to do some investigative reporting. Pretty certain nobody has been granted music rights for ANY biopic... I would know.
   — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 31, 2019

   Im not saying this movie is not happening. I honestly wouldn't know.
   Im saying that as it stands, this movie won't have any of dads music in it, & I can't imagine that changing. If you want to see a biopic without his music or the families blessing, thats up to the audience.
   — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 31, 2019

   If @neilhimself wanted to write something using dad's characters, and @pramsey342 and his team wanted to make it as an animated film, I would urge everyone on my end to pay attention and give the pitch serious consideration. ;) https://t.co/WdpuL1o7z7
   — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 31, 2019

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Prime8Posted at 2019-07-01 19:11:04(47 wks ago) (Bowie General / Stardust - new biopic)

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This film sounds almost as good as that Hendrix one where they couldn't get the rights to any of his music either. I would love to see a Bowie biopic, the man lead an a fascinating life. However, you'd need someone like Scorsese behind it to really make it work. Come to think of it, to really capture Bowie, it'd need to be a series of movies, all of which would be dramatically different and he'd need to be played by a different actor in each as I doubt there's many that could pull off all the characters that Bowie became over his life time. Maybe it'd be something like this:

1. Teenage Wildlife. The story of Bowie's childhood through till the recording of "Liza Jane". David Jones rebels against his boring suburban life by dreaming of becoming a rock star. This would be a bit like "The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole" in some ways, but set in the 1950's.

2. Can't Help Thinking About Me. Swinging London, the story of a young man's search for fame. Follows his early recording career, ends with the release of "Space Oddity".

3. Starman. The evolution from Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust. This would be the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll film. Ends with the Ziggy Farewell Concert.

4. The Return Of The Thin White Duke. This is the one you'd need Scorsese or someone like that for. It covers "Diamond Dogs" through the "Station To Station" tour. It'd be a bit like "The Aviator" but with more white powder.

5. Weeping Wall. The Berlin Years. This would perhaps be a more "dramady" type film as the era seems to have lots of highs and lows on a personal level. It could actually be quite a funny film at times. The film ends in 1982 with the release of "Baal".

6. Let's Dance. From the avant garde world to pop superstardom. This would be the film about the over the top 80s. Ends with the formation of Tin Machine.

7. David Takes Us Outside. Tin Machine through the break up with Reeves. A sort of "buddy movie" in many ways.

8. Reality. Bowie's later touring years. A lot of fun, but ends on a sad note with the abrupt ending of the Reality tour.

9. Little Wonder. For the most part, it's essentially a movie about a dad who lives in New York...who just happens to be David Bowie.

10. Blackstar. The final movie in the series. Covers the making of the last 2 albums, Lazarus and the events leading up to his death.

Perhaps 10 movies is a bit much. To be honest, we really don't need the last few or the first 1. The most interesting era would be the 70's, but even then, it'd be hard to make that as just 1 movie.

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hyttonrunnPosted at 2019-07-05 09:56:06(47 wks ago) (Bowie General / Stardust - new biopic)

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Anyone who has followed the man over the years  dont really  need to see a biopic . I cant ever see it  living up to expectations , the  video archives of the real mccoy, for me ,   are the best biopic you can have . I get that  there  are younger people who were not around at the time  may want to see it  &  learn  the background of the man but  I cannot think of any bio pic that really did  the artist justice  apart from  maybe  the Doors  , it wasnt without fault but there are  plenty of people who hated that .   I dont understand all the plaudits for Bohemian Rhapsody , the impersonation of Freddie Mercury was   a fair representation but the rest of the casts wigs were reminiscent of Spinal  Tap ( are they really the best wigs for 70s  rock stars they could find ?) but the  manipulation of the story line  & timeline to fit  made it a farce for me but  I guess for casual Queen  listeners they   wouldnt have noticed , my pesonal opinion ,  but  many disagree & liked it . Personal taste I guess.  But a film  about  DB without his music? Yes he did many other things   apart  from music  but if not one solitary note of his music is heard  it wouldnt work for me .

Last edited by hyttonrunn on 2019-07-05 10:02:12

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