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Technical Help > Utorrent minor problem

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BesomdaveDonatedPosted at 2019-07-25 18:19:28(256 wks ago) (Technical Help / Utorrent minor problem)

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Ok, Ive been using Utorrent for years and its worked fine. But recently (probably after a program update) when adding a torrent from this site (Bowie Station) via the blue 'download' button instead of loading the .torrent file into the Utorrent program it downloads the .torrent file to my desktop (my default download location).

This only happens when downloading a file from Bowie Station, it works fine on other torrent sites.

Not a major problem, just means i have to drag and drop the file into the program for it to start connecting to peers.

Just wondering if there's any experts out there who might know what's causing this.

Thanx in advance


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strangewaysPosted at 2019-07-26 17:22:47(256 wks ago) (Technical Help / Utorrent minor problem)
wild eyed peoploid

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This sounds more like a browser issue. Which one do you use?

The browser decides how a link should be treated based on the value returned from the server in the Content-Disposition header. From what I'm seeing, the BowieStation server sets the value of this header to attachment; filename="David Bowie_1983_06_26_Rotterdam.torrent. The browser interprets the attachment thing as "indicating it (i.e. the link) should be downloaded; most browsers presenting a 'Save as' dialog, prefilled with the value of the filename parameters if present)". So your browser seems to take the value of this header very literally and just saves it straight to your default download folder.

This isn't something that you shouldn't be able to change, though. My Firefox is set to "Use Transmission Remote GUI" for all torrent files, and my client automagically opens after clicking the link. You can change the association by going to Preferences and searching for the "Applications" subsection. There should be a table with an entry for "BitTorrent file" (or similar) in the "Content Type" column, and the action to take in the second column.

I don't know about other browsers, though.

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BesomdaveDonatedPosted at 2019-07-26 19:41:42(256 wks ago) (Technical Help / Utorrent minor problem)

Uploaded: 293.08 GB
Downloaded: 148.91 GB
Posts: 84

Ratio: 1.97
Location: United Kingdom

Great info strangeways. Im using Firefox also and your input has sorted sorted the problem. It must have gotten changed somehow on a recent Firefox update. But I know what to look out for if it happens again. Thanks again for your help. :D

Last edited by Besomdave on 2019-07-26 19:42:10

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