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steve23yhPosted at 2015-06-10 12:45:02(455 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie's Problem Tapes)

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It was kind of inevitable, I guess, that after upping the original HG stuff to MWP, some became problems once upped.  Either better versions were identified, or in a couple of cases, they proved to be fakes.

Here's my plan for the problem tapes as part of the re-upping programme to Bowie Station.  Hope this makes sense and seems the right approach.

HUG021CD  Shibuja Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo 8th April 1973

The issue: time has moved on since the tape was circulated, and a more complete recording is in circulation (not least in the 1973 Japan boxed set).

Intention: don't have a new tape, intend to leave exactly as is and just note in the torrent announce that fuller recordings exist. [DONE]

HUG023CD  Universal Amphitheatre, Hollywood  5th September 1974

The issue: after upping, got feedback that this was the same as the CD (rather than vinyl version of this bootleg which is what I'd compared it to) to the extent that all I'd done was add a bit of hiss!

Intention: ironically, this was the most-downloaded HG recording on MWP.  I intend to retain it in the set, but rework it to remove the trace hiss (which I was picking up a fortnight ago, while listening to it on holiday).  [DONE]

HUG044CD  Madison Square Garden, New York  7th or 9th May 1978

The issue: good recording, but only half of the gig.  Subsequently learm upped the whole gig to MWP and dime.

Intention: did get a recording of the whole tape from M_B_F, but couldn't clean it up to a good enough standard.  Have contacted learm and he's agreed to let me incorporate his version, making it a triple disc special - high quality half gig, average quality whole gig.

Action: got an even better copy from Mike Jewell, now upped as part of the HG6 upgrade.

HUG048CD  Wembley Stadium (master)  19th June 1987

The issue: Noggin's own master of the concert, but it's got lumps missing, and my attempts to mend it from another source were ham-fisted.

Intention: replace with an excellent quality recording, without missing bits, from Arcorman. [DONE]

HUG070CD  City Hall, Newcastle  14th June 1978

The issue: got (very fair) feedback from JeanHenri that this simply wasn't up to HG standard.

Intention: have a much much better quality recording to replace it - last bits of clean-up in progress.  [See the HG9 announce - unfortunately an upgrade was simply not possible.  Have re-upped HG9 with the original recording in it - this IS the best you're going to find!]

HUG135CD  Kings Cross Cinema, London   14th July 1972

The issue: some confusion while comparing recordings with another collector led to me upping what is, in short, a poor quality Kingston Poly.  There isn't and wasn't a Kings Cross Cinema gig.

Intention: can't replace and it's a salutary tale for all of us.  Make it clear in the torrent announce. [DONE]

HUG191DVD  Saõ Paulo   22nd September 1990

The issue: like Kings Cross Cinema, I'm not the only one to be suckered by this one, but it was subsequently identified to be a degraded copy of the Rio gig.

Intention: to scrap this one completely and replace with a different recording.  [DONE - replace with Phoenix Festival 1996]

HGSS07CD  Los Angeles  13th October 1987

The issue: great quality, but only half the gig.

Intention: Steve Keay has forwarded the whole gig, I suspect from a different source.  Leave HGSS07CD in the Slight Seconds set [DONE], and add the new recording with a full HUG number as a new recording.

HGSS11CD  Toronto  4th September 1983

The issue: half the gig again.  This time, I was pointed in the direction of a recording upped to dime of equivalent quality of the whole gig.  AND

HGSS13CD  Osaka  30th October 1983

The issue: same person who pointed out the Toronto recording, also pointed out that Bofinken had loaded an excellent quality version of this one, which rendered it useless.

Intention (for both of the above): replace both in HGSS Vol 2 with new recordings that fit the HGSS brief (alternative versions or recordings that don't quite make the grade).  Have two or three to choose from.

So overall, that's three to be upgraded and three to be scrapped and replaced with different recordings.  Sound OK everyone?

Last edited by steve23yh on 2015-07-11 21:05:18

Don't blame me, I didn't do it!
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MBFPosted at 2015-06-10 12:48:22(455 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie's Problem Tapes)

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Works for me mate, thanks!

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GoblinKingPosted at 2015-06-11 11:47:12(454 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie's Problem Tapes)

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Ditto.  :)

Great to know what's happening.

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KiwikidPosted at 2015-06-11 23:53:42(454 wks ago) (Bowie General / Hunky Geordie's Problem Tapes)

Uploaded: 2.92 TB
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Location: New Zealand

Looks Good thanks for your work

Bless the Tapers and Uploaders they make the Music Live
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